Andre Pottas – Head of Infrastructure and Capital Projects – Deloitte

On the greatest achievements in infrastructure development

The acceptance of Public-Private Partnerships as a key enablement tool to
unlock the pipeline of required infrastructure projects in South Africa has been
very pleasing. This is most evident in the success of the Renewable Energy IPP programme, which has established a model for public-private partnerships in
the clean energy sector that is acknowledged as a global blueprint for such programmes.

On the main drivers for infrastructure development over the next five years

My focus is the funding of infrastructure projects, so I will focus on that aspect and I look forward to the development of a robust and liquid secondary market for trading equity and debt stakes in infrastructure projects.

On the critical issues that need to be addressed in infrastructure development

We need to shorten the planning and procurement life-cycle to get construction companies on-site quicker, this is not easy, as the planning phase is critical to scoping the project correctly, and the modelling, funding and procurement must be done properly to ensure the long-term viability of the project and value for money for the taxpayer.

On collaboration between the public and private sector

It is vital. Both sectors need each other, and trust needs to be re-established, as both sides are currently inherently suspicious of the other’s motives, and this is part of the reason that the procurement and contracting process takes so long.

I would like to see Public-Private Partnerships as an inherent cornerstone of infrastructure procurement, with optimal risk allocation and sharing between the public and private sectors based on acknowledgement of the strengths that each party can contribute