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25 - 26 June 2024, Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria

Market Access Africa 2024: Driving Innovation and Integration in African Agriculture

Join us on 26 June, 2024, at the Landmark Centre in Lagos, Nigeria, for the second day of Market Access Africa 2024, where the focus will shift to overcoming long-standing barriers in agriculture and crafting pathways to market integration. Under the theme “Pivoting Africa as a Net Food Exporter,” the day promises to catalyze critical conversations and collaborations essential for transforming Africa’s agrifood sector.

The sessions on Day 2 will explore several key areas critical for advancing Africa’s agricultural agenda. Discussions will spotlight the strategic role of commodity exchanges in enhancing food security by facilitating smoother and more cost-effective trade across the continent. By reducing trade costs and streamlining transactions, these exchanges hold the promise of increasing trading volumes and fostering more dynamic agricultural markets in Africa.

Expert panels will explore innovative approaches to connecting smallholder and medium-scale farmers with new markets. These discussions aim to unlock the full economic potential of Africa’s agricultural sector by supporting transitions to commercial farming and export-oriented agro-processing, enabling farmers to tap into larger and more lucrative markets.

Market Access Africa 2024 is a platform for initiating change by connecting buyers to sellers. It is an opportunity for stakeholders from across the agrifood industry to engage with innovative ideas and form partnerships that will shape the future of agriculture in Africa. We invite all interested parties—policy makers, business leaders, innovators, and advocates for agricultural development—to join this transformative event.

Secure your participation to contribute to and benefit from e discussions. For more information, registration details, and updates, please visit or conract  Reinhard Lotz ([email protected])

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