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25 - 27 June 2024, Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria


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Lagos – The Vibrant Heart of Nigeria
Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria and the African continent, is a bustling metropolis known for its dynamic culture, economic significance, and as a major hub for arts and entertainment in Africa.


  1. Geographical Layout: Lagos is spread out across two main islands and onto the mainland. It is located in south-western Nigeria, on the Atlantic coast in the Gulf of Guinea.
  2. Economic Significance: As the most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos is a major financial center for all of Africa and the economic hub of Lagos State. It boasts the fourth-highest GDP in Africa and houses one of the largest and busiest seaports on the continent.
  3. Cultural Hub: Known for its vibrant music scene and nightlife, Lagos is the center of the Nigerian movie industry, often referred to as ‘Nollywood’. The city’s music and nightlife were historically centered around areas like Yaba and Surulere, but have since expanded, with Victoria Island becoming a major attraction.
  4. Climate: Lagos experiences a tropical Savannah climate with a significant difference between the wet season (April to October) and the dry season (November to March).
  5. Transportation: The city is accessible by plane, train, and bus, with Murtala Muhammed International Airport providing global connections. Within the city, there are various transportation options including cars, taxis, buses, ferries, and motorbikes.
  6. Attractions: Lagos offers a range of attractions from historical sites like Badagry Town and the Cathedral Church of Christ to cultural landmarks such as the National Theatre and National Museum of Nigeria. It also boasts numerous beaches, including Lagos Bar Beach and Tarkwa Bay

Lagos is a city of contrasts, where traditional African culture meets modernity. It’s a place where business, art, and entertainment converge, making it an exciting destination for conference attendees.


The Landmark Centre is a prominent events venue located in Victoria Island, Lagos, offering a variety of spaces for different events, including conferences, exhibitions, and weddings. It is situated in a scenic beachfront area, providing impressive views of the Atlantic Ocean.

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